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Wang Li & Yom (China+France)

The jew’s harp is one of the most ancient musical instruments in the world. It was celebrated in different cultures and traditions, which demonstrates the magical essence of this simple instrument.
Wang Li comes from Tsinghao, a port from the banks of the Yellow Sea, North East China. Raised in the strict environment of a residential complex of the Chinese People's Army, he followed graduate studies while playing bass in orchestras.
Later Wang Li moved to France where it is hosted by fathers seminarians of St. Sulpice in Issy-Les-Moulineaux. For nearly 4 years, he shared their austere life. It found its special way to develop his poetic personality. There too, Wang Li discovered the value of learning patience and silence.
The compositions of Wang Li are generally inspired by his own experiences: memories of childhood and his family, his life. He has fond memories of nursery rhymes and counting songs, whose simple rhythms he still appreciates.
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