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In English Egschiglen means "Beautiful Melody". In the world music scene today Egschiglen is a celebrated band from Mongolia. Initiated by 4 master students  of the Conservatory of Ulaanbaatar in 1991 in Ulan Bator, Egschiglen incorporate both traditional Mongolian songs and the work of contemporary Mongolian composers into their fine-tuned arrangements. The music is characterized not only by the delicacy and transparency of chamber music, but also by its deeply natural, compelling force inherited from the folk tradition. 
It is a mind-blowing experience to see Egschiglen in live performance. Not only the throat singing style called Khomii always leaves the audience in amaze, the many and exotic instruments including morin khuur (a violin with two strings made of horse hair), tobshuur (a lute symbolizing a swan's throat as neck), joochin, etc. enrich their musical expressions with a plethora of visual and audio delight.
On one hand, Egschiglen's Mongolian sound seems strange and mysterious to Western ears. On the other, their music expresses the same basic human emotions: love, sorrow and thankfulness. The musicians of Egschiglen take us to the fascinating culture of their far-away home, while showing everyone that beyond all cultural differences there is a common element of human existence.
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